Remember that movie “It’s Pat”? The “Saturday Night Live” sketch-turned-feature film in which no one can tell whether the obnoxious, overweight, curly-haired character is a man or a woman? Quentin Tarantino co-wrote that – according to a list on of eight famous movies that were written or directed by truly random people. You won’t find Tarantino’s name on the “It’s Pat” IMDB, but attempts to prove it here and reports that Tarantino never demanded credit for helping out his friend, Julia Sweeney.

Also on the list is “Three Men and a Baby”, directed by Leonard Nimoy. That’s right – Spock. The heart-warming Meryl Streep film, “Music of the Heart” was directed by Wes Craven. It was his only non-horror movie ever. “Ghost” was made by the same guy who directed “Airplane!” and wrote “The Naked Gun”. “Ghost” made more money than all his goofy flicks combined.