The Casa Linda Natural Grocers is supposed to open in May 2011. Photo by Christina Hughes Babb.

Update: Good news — the marquee and the facade of the old theater will remain, Clay Evans says. “We wouldn’t think of changing that,” he says. “Natural Grocers will just put their sign in the marquee.”

This really is going to happen, isn’t it? The old Casa Linda Theater is morphing into the health-food market, Natural Grocers, as we told you a few months ago.

I walked by the store this morning, and it is starting to look like a grocery store inside, and there’s a sign on the outside announcing that they are “Now Hiring”, so if you’re interested, visit their website.

The Casa Linda Natural Grocers is scheduled to open next month. One irritating thing about NG: they are closed Sundays. Boo. That’s when I do my shopping.

I just put a call into Clay Evans at S.C. Companies (owners of the property) to check on the status of the marquee and the building exterior. I will update this when I hear back from him.