We conclude our Advocate video podcast with former police chief David Kunkle as part of our larger series on the Dallas mayoral race, talking with each of the candidates in an unedited discussion about their plans if elected.

So far, we’ve sat down with Ron Natinsky, who discussed how he would handle the budget crisis, grow the local economy and work with current lightening rods on the city council. Kunkle has offered his take on the budget and some of the city’s big-ticket projects. And in Wednesday’s post, he shed some light how he struggles in social settings.

In the Part 4 of the four-part podcast, Kunkle shares his thoughts on the Dallas Police Association and the Dallas Firefighters Association, which both endorsed Ron Natinsky right out of the gate before any other candidates declared (:20) and Kunkle addresses whether he thinks the organizations speak for everyone in the field (1:38). Next, he explains what sets him apart from the other candidates (3:00) and discusses how he would redefine the role of mayor. Finally, we ask him a little bit about his family, including his wife and former TV reporter Sarah Dodd (10:45).

Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with former park board president Mike Rawlings.