We continue our coverage of the Dallas mayoral race with Part 2 of our video podcast series with District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky. Through this series, we aim to go further than the 30-second soundbite and offer readers a way to get more familiar with each candidate in an unedited discussion, revealing how they might govern if elected.

In Part 1 of the discussion, Natinsky addressed the city’s budget crisis. Next, he talks about how he would attract more business to Dallas and help grow our economy.

But first, picking up where we left off in Part 1, we ask Natinsky what he thinks is the worst thing Tom Leppert ever did while in office (:08), receiving a not-so-surprising answer. Moving on, Natinsky talks about the international competition on the business front (1:00) and also how the city and suburbs must work together to ensure all-around growth (3:35). He cites the American Airlines Center as an example of how financial projections can pan out better than expected (5:25). And finally, Wamre hits him with the question of the Rangers’ lease expiring soon and what that could mean for Dallas (7:08).

The final clip will post to the blog Thursday. We’ll hear Natinsky’s thoughts on the other major mayoral candidates.

In next week’s installment, you can hear from former Chief of Police David Kunkle and, in the coming weeks, former Park Board president Mike Rawlings will stop by the office.