There are less than two months until the mayoral election, and it has been a decidedly dull campaign (though getting an email from an ex-police chief about his Mardi Gras float is a bit different). Here are updated odds on the three contenders, with a few thoughts. The first handicapping the mayor’s race post is here.

Far North Dallas councilman Ron Natinsky (5-2, previously 5-2): Keeps landing endorsements, but does Dwaine Caraway’s help matter north of Northwest Highway? Got a big lead out of the gate, and still has it.

Park Board president Mike Rawlings (8-1, previously 7-1): Have not seen any signs of all the money Rawlings is supposed to have. Even odder, his campaign website doesn’t show up on the first page of a Google search, which means not many people are looking for it — not a good sign. 

Former police chief David Kunkle (6-1, previously 4-1): Admits he doesn’t have much money to spend, which means he needs a groundswell of support from the neighborhoods. Which doesn’t seem to have shown up yet.