I haven’t eaten at Zuzu Fresh Made Tex-Mex (Mockingbird-Abrams) in years.  I decided to go back because it seemed like a good alternative to Fuzzy’s on Saturday at lunchtime.

As Fuzzy’s was bursting at the seams with seemingly every mom, kid and spandex-clad cyclist in the White Rock area, Zuzu was relatively quiet. The food was better than I remembered — it seemed especially fresh. The veggies were bright and crisp, avocados ripe and green, the fish tacos were crunchy and savory and I dig their sauces, especially the green hot sauce — it’s mild, but add some diced jalapenos (available on the bar) and it is good on everything.

We ordered the special, fish (pan seared tilapia) tacos for $8.95 which came with two tacos and a choice of sides (beans, salad, rice, and really good corn salad to name a few). It was as good as tilapia gets.

I can’t help but compare the salad at Zuzu’s (Mixed Veggie, $6.75) to a salad at Fuzzy’s — the quality of the ingredients is about equal. The price is comparable, though at Fuzzy’s you get fish or shrimp for the same price as straight veggies at Zuzu’s. But the biggest difference is the presentation — the Fuzzy’s salad comes in an oversized bowl and it’s so much easier and more enjoyable to eat than the Zuzu’s salad, which comes un-chopped on a tiny plate, which makes it very frustrating to eat. Granted, I am a salad lover so this matters to me more than it probably does to your average Tex-Mex consumer.

Zuzu’s is kid-friendly and offers a $2-$3 kiddie menu with lots of choices. They have sinful desserts that are regularly made fresh, plus an ice cream freezer with popular frozen treats. They have a $1 value menu that includes various flautas and tacos. The regular menu has vegetarian and low carb options. All-in-all, it’s a nice neighborhood spot to sit with friends and enjoy good Tex-Mex.


4140 Abrams

11 a.m.-9 p.m daily