When Marshall Newhouse graduated from Lake Highlands High School in 2006 and TCU in 2010, he could only have dreamed of going to the Super Bowl his rookie year in the pros. Not only will he achieve that dream, but he’ll do it right here in Dallas on February 6.

“Marshall has been so very blessed and lucky to have been drafted by the Green Bay Packers,” said Marshall’s mom, Sharon. “From the beginning, it just felt right because of how the Green Bay community took him under their wing. He is lucky to be on a team with great, down to earth players and coaches. The winter has been a challenge, but he’s adapted and managed to stay warm.”

In her typical, praise-deflecting style, Sharon told me that she and husband John (of the legendary Newhouse family) “are probably going to avoid the events and parties – the celebrations are all for Marshall, he’s earned it!”

“We finally got to talk to him after the game, and their locker room was just booming with excitement. He was trying to get pictures to capture it all. He is especially happy and proud to be coming home to Dallas to experience it all.”