5750 Dallas placed signs near White Rock and NorthPark to make a statement about homelessness in our city.

Have you seen these signs?

They are posted near White Rock Lake, NorthPark Center and other high-traffic areas of Dallas — life-sized cutouts of homeless people holding signs with messages such as, “The well-off and secure have too often become indifferent and oblivious to the poverty and deprivation in their midst” (Martin Luther King Jr.). You could shelter a homeless person for two years for the cost of a Super Bowl ticket, another claims.

A group called 5750 Dallas is responsible. A spokesperson for the group told WFAA it’s not about Super Bowl tickets or any other material thing, but encouraging people to think about what many others don’t have.

City representatives say they plan to remove the signs because 5750 never got permission to post them.

Like them or not, the provocative campaign is getting some pub for the organization whose name represents the amount of homeless people in Dallas. Even if they disappear soon, they’ve left an impression on a few of us.