A while back I think I might have complained that my favorite Chinese takeout joint, Egg Roll Fortune on Northwest Highway just west of Plano, had been taken over by new management who reduced the portions and upped the prices. I strayed and tried many other places, and I didn’t go to Egg Roll for a year or more. Last week out of nostalgia or whatever, I decided pick up dinner for the family at Egg Roll. The exterior of the old red building hasn’t changed (not in the last 15 years, at least) but I was about as excited as a person can properly get over Chinese takeout when I began dishing out the food. Let’s start with the shrimp — the shrimp on my steamed vegetables and shrimp — a true diet dish without much sauce but with chunky green rightly steamed broccoli — were huge. There was at least 8-10 shrimp in the dish. You could have put them on a plate, called it ” cocktail” and charged $12.99 for it, seriously. The shrimp was that impressive. It was the same on the spicy shrimp — big juicy shrimp and copious veggies in a tangy not-so-spicy brown sauce. My kids must have sesame chicken, which I don’t touch, but it looked pretty meaty. The portions aren’t as big as, say, Skillman Wok, but the quality and price more than makes up for it. I got three dinners, which were enough to feed four with leftovers, for under $18 (the same I pay for two dinners at the aforementioned). Plus, the new staff is very friendly. Egg Roll Fortune, I’m back. 10518 E. Northwest.