It’s open and the pizza is some of the best I’ve had around here, but if you’ve never been to a Papa Murphy’s, there are a few things you need to know before you go. Insofar as dishes, the possibilities are endless: you can choose from original or thin crust, or even opt for a stuffed pizza (that’s a pie with all the ingredients cooked inside). Pick from a variety of specialty pizzas including Hawaiian, Chicago style, Herb Chicken Mediterranean, Taco Grande … the list goes on, or build your own. Like at Subway or Freebirds, you enter at a counter and let the workers know how you want them to build it. The catch is that they don’t cook it for you. Most of the pizzas take about 12-15 minutes to cook and they come on a disposable tray, which makes it super easy, and the friendly staff sends you out the door with very specific instructions. It took them about 6-7 minutes to build my BBQ chicken pizza; once this place gains in popularity, and I am quite sure it will, I think it might be smart to call ahead because the wait time could potentially be lengthy once these guys get working on multiple orders.

While I was waiting, a woman who had moved to Dallas from up north told me that Papa Murphy’s had the “best pizza in the world”. Did she oversell it? Well, the this world has a lot of good pizza, but this is really is quite good. The crust is soft and a tad buttery. The ingredients are 100-percent fresh (“We don’t even have freezers here,” the manager told me.) and they pile ’em high. Papa Murphy’s also offers $5 made-fresh-daily to-go salads, cookie dough and these apple and cherry dessert pizzas that I imagine will utterly spoil my diet in the near future. On the topic diet, for the health conscious, the calorie count for all items are readily available either in the store or online. The prices are reasonable—we got the large BBQ Chicken for $11, a $5 salad that was enough to split between two people, and I got a coupon for $3 off my next order.

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The new Papa Murphy’s is at the northeast corner of Plano and Northwest.