White Rock area resident Darlene Rosen recently launched Honey Girl Kitchen

I want to feed my family organic healthy and hearty meals such as chicken pot pie made from cage free birds as much as the next person, but, hey, life gets in the way, and Wendy’s is so convenient sometimes, God help me. But now thanks to White Rock area resident Darlene Rosen, easy dinner can be guilt free too. Rosen recently launched Honey Girl Kitchen, an online catering biz where you can also order meals on Monday for a Thursday pick up.

For example: Order the November special, gourmet Chicken Pot Pie made with organic flour, organic veggies and hormone-free chicken, today and pick it up on Thursday, Nov. 18 between 4 p.m.-7 p.m. at 715 Dumont in Lakewood. A nine-inch pie is $25 and serves 4-6 people. Rosen even delivers the fare for $5, and free if it’s three or more pies.

The special changes each month, so join the Honey Girl Facebook page for updates. Rosen comes from a large family and has been cooking since childhood, she says. “I bought my first cookbook at age 7 — I still have it,” she says.

Her mother taught her to cook traditional Mexican food. “Mom cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner and we rarely ate out. She would pack a beautiful picnic when we traveled. I now love to picnic with my own family.” Rosen’s blog is filled with culinary tips galore, and she offers a wide range of catering services.