While most of Lake Highlands is thinking of Friday Night Lights and the big game against Richardson High tonight in the Boneyard, one boy is still dreaming of his big touchdown run Wednesday. And the crowd went wild.

Brandon Landis, a 7th grader at LHJH, loves football – loves all sports for that matter. He was featured on CBS 11 this week because of the way he inspires his fellow Wildcats in the classroom and on the team. Brandon has Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumluation, or NBIA.

Brandon was a natural at football and soccer from the time he was little boy, but after football camp a few years ago he began losing control of his muscles and was diagnosed with NBIA. When he got to junior high, he volunteered to serve as manager of the LHJH football team, supporting the guys and cheering them on. “I fill up the water bottles, and I help the coaches with whatever they need,” he told the folks at CBS 11.

At the final game of the season, the coaches decided to let Brandon suit up and take the field, thrilling his friends and teammates. He entered the game during zero quarter and scored on a touchdown run. And the crowd went wild.