In this week’s podcast, we discuss a deceptive alcoholic beverage that is making the rounds at not only college parties but also among LHHS students. Neighborhood moms are taking up the issue with their kids, and some kids aren’t happy about that. (Tough, says neighborhood mom and columnist Ellen Raff.) Carol Toler brings up a recent British study asserting that alcohol is more lethal than heroine or cocaine.

Speaking of parent involvement, is that the make-or-break issue in students’ education? It is according to this letter from an LH mom, written in response to this viewpoint. Our podcast team agrees, but the question is to what degree?

Shameless plugs this week are all health related: don’t miss the early warning signs for shingles (blogger Carol Toler was a recent victim); one flu shot this season will vaccinate against two strains; and make sure to cough and sneeze into your elbow as opposed to your hands (but anything is better than into the air). Parents with young children: Turn to Elmo for help in teaching this technique.

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