We sat down with three-sport-stud David Green this week to talk about everything from the match-up with Jesuit to his pre-game meal. Not only is he a smart kid, but Green is also possibly the fastest cornerback in the area, clocking a 4.35 40-yard sprint time after coming off an injury.

Here’s a little more you may not know about David Green.

1. What is your favorite college?
The University of Texas.

2. What radio station do you listen to?
I listen to a lot. 106.1, the rap station 97.9, 102.1 for rock music, some country music … just a little bit of everything.

Photo by Benjamin Hager

3. What’s playing on your iPod before a game?
Lil Wayne usually.

4. Pre-game meal?

5. Who’s the best running back you have ever seen in person?
Umm … [long pause] … Desmond Roland.

6. What team on your schedule do you fear?
I wouldn’t say [I] typically fear anybody, but I have respect for teams. Probably this week and next week, Jesuit and Skyline, for obvious reasons. They have good offenses. I try not to be scared of a team because then you start to get really nervous and that messes with your head and you don’t play well then. You just have to respect that they’re very talented and that you are up for a challenge. So, I would say Jesuit and Skyline right now.

7. Gatorade or Powerade?

8. Favorite pro team?
I want to say the Cowboys but I don’t know if right now is the best time to say that. I guess the Cowboys; they’re my home team. They obviously aren’t the best team right now but they are my team.

9. Okay typically we say Ware or Romo, but Terrance Newman or Tony Romo?
Terrance Newman, seeing as I am a cornerback.

10. Dream car?
Oooh. Dream car. I could go down a long list. Probably I’ll say the Bentley. I’m more of a new car guy. I’m not typically into older cars, but I’ll take a new Bentley.