Rice and Beans for Juarez

Lake Highlands High School Peer Helpers are collecting bags of dried rice and beans for the people of Juarez, Mexico

Some teens who hear about the violence flourishing in Mexico between drug gangs figure “bummer, I can’t go to Mexico with my friends for Spring Break.” But one group of students at Lake Highlands High wants to jump in and do something to help, and they’re hoping you’ll join their cause.

One consequence of the drug war in Mexico is that 60% of the businesses have closed. As unemployment grows and owners abandon their shops, the Mexican people are going hungry because they can’t find or afford food. That’s where Lake Highlands steps in.

The LHHS Peer Helpers are collecting any sized bags of dried rice and dried red or pinto beans for the people of Juarez, Mexico. Students can bring the bags to Casey Boland’s classroom, A106 beginning Thursday, October 7 before school (8:15-8:45 am) or during lunch, and many teachers and organizations will offer incentives such as service hours or extra credit. Neighbors in LH who’d like to help can leave the items at the front desk of the high school, and they’ll be taken to the right spot.

The Peer Helpers are working with a local organization which already has ties to the Juarez community and can quickly and easily get the food directly to the people who desperately need it. The combination of rice and beans make a nutritionally sound meal, and the dried food has a lengthy shelf life.

The Rice and Beans for Juarez Project will continue until October 21. It’s a life lesson about helping others as valuable as any Texas textbook could ever be.