It’s not going to end the wars or stop people from burning books, but let’s take a moment consider this timely question. Supposedly, the cupcake trend started with a TV show, “Sex and the City”, which glorified the Magnolia Bakery in New York City.

Some people think cupcakes are the Chanel of desserts. A thing so simple and classic could never go out of style.

But just as America tired of whiny Carrie Bradshaw and her ridiculous friends, food writers started telling us a few years ago that we are also tired of cupcakes. They are going the way of lava cake and sliders — a culinary cliche. And last year, an even worse forecast: the cupcake market could be saturated.

Since then, everyone wants to say something is the new cupcake — cake balls, doughnuts, frozen yogurt. I even suggested that macarones could be the new cupcake.

And now there’s a new one: whoopie pies. (It’s so much fun to say, and it makes me think of Whoopi Goldberg holding a meringue pie in each lovingly outstretched palm.) They basically are cake sandwiches filled with frosting. Not so different from a cupcake.

Society Bakery, which opened on Lower Greenville in 2003 to serve quite possibly the world’s best cupcakes (and also has a store inside Medical City) is all up in the whoopie pie trend, as is Central Market. This story from food writer Kim Pierce tells us everything we need to know about whoopie pies and where to get them in Dallas.