After a couple of weeks finding long lines at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, I was finally able to get in and grab a table this week. I’d been anxious to try it since visiting the Lubbock location, and both are bright and loud, with neon signs and brightly-painted wooden benches. The weekend traffic for breakfast tacos is brisk, with White Rock Lake bikers in spandex and couples armed with the Sunday newspaper. The fluffy egg tacos were my favorite menu item, with crispy bacon and lots of cheese.

My book club buddies joined me for lunch on the shaded patio, and their review was mixed. Everyone enjoyed the tasty white-cheese queso, and we debated the components of the unique seasonings on the chips – some said paprika, some said chili powder. Staff would only call it “Fuzzy Dust.” Cynthia Henneberger’s fish tacos were “fresh, not stinky,” and Debbie Alspaw’s grilled shrimp was “nicely seasoned with ample condiments.” Amy Merrill liked her grilled vegetable tacos, but found “not enough vegetables, too many beans.”

“And they need a green sauce,” added Amy. Their “Butt-Burnin Hot Sauce” is more like Tabasco than salsa.

The shredded pork on my sandwich was moist and flavorful (though I would have preferred that the bun be lightly-toasted, Cuban-style, and not quite so bread-y). The seasoned potato squares were a nice alternative to fries.

I will certainly return to Fuzzy’s, located in Hillside Village, Mockingbird and Abrams. Join me on the patio for a breakfast taco and I’ll buy – it’s easy to be generous when the price of a taco is just $1.99.