Admittedly, only you running nerds are going to be really excited about this, but, hey, I know you are out there — I see you pounding the White Rock Trail, beet-red faces in three-digit temps, as I drive home along Mockingbird. This Sunday, Aug. 15, the Hottest Half, a half-marathon or 10k running event, will take place at Norbuck Park. I just heard that a writer from Runner’s World magazine (my very favorite rag in the whole world, aside from the Advocate, of course) will be running the half-marathon course and writing about running in extreme heat. The reporter, John Hanc (a New Yorker!), will wear bib number 108, which is the record high for August 15 in Dallas. He’s supposed to be geared up with all the latest hot-weather running technology. Hmm. That gives him kind-of an unfair advantage in the race, doesn’t it? Because of this, I think I might actually register, which would cost me $60 (online through Friday or in-store at Run On!)

If you don’t hear from me by Tuesday, send help.