The City of Dallas along with the Dallas Housing Authority and the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance has a goal of developing 700 units of permanent supportive housing by 2014. It is the general consensus that permanent supportive housing is the answer to our city’s homeless problem. The Dallas Housing Authority has been moving forward with plans to place the 700 people who often suffer from chronic homelessness, abuse, past legal problems, addiction and/or mental disorders, but they continue to run into roadblocks in the form of neighborhood opposition. It seems one of the DHA’s bigger problems has been a failure to communicate well with the residents and homeowners living around proposed supportive housing projects. Central Dallas Ministries, with this recently released video below, is calling for public support of PSH, which will probably get more people on board than the DHA’s more recent approach, which entails planning a project and then springing it on the community — that approach seems to have resulted in viral fear and unwillingness to cooperate (see Lake Highlands and Oak Cliff as examples). Here’s the video: