The latest in a series of player interviews leading up to the start of Lake Highlands football practice on Monday. Today’s subject is center Scott Hanks.

Scott Hanks

Q: How is the offensive line shaping up?

A: I think we’re shaping up very well. Most days of summer workouts, at least four of the five of us were there, and many times all of us. So that’s really a good indicator that we’re going to be a hardworking group this year.

Q: What needs to be accomplished during two-a-days to be ready for the season?

A: We need to really mesh as an offense and get down the basics as a unit so we can perform well all the time.

Q: What will be new and improved about the Wildcats in 2010?

A: New: Some new coaches and players who are great. Improved: Everything. I think we’ve worked really hard from Day One and stuck pretty closely to the guidelines Coach Smith has set for all his teams in the past years.

Q: Any players you expect to have a breakout season?

A: There is so much potential on our team. Really, anyone could have a breakout season. Mostly younger guys like Michael Ketchmark and Kent Perkins, but I think everyone is ready to have a great season all-around.

Q: When are they going to let you carry the ball?

A: Well actually, me, Tre Stewart and Mitch Marzuola have this plan in our mind for an awesome deuce backfield where any of us three could get the ball. But we haven’t told Coach Smith about that one.