Forest Lane SheepMan 2 We all have those days when we take a look around and really see something that we just haven’t stopped to  look at in a long time. That’s the feeling I got when I exited North Central Expressway at Forest Lane (almost exactly where the map marker is) about a month ago . As I drove down the ramp and made a left turn onto Forest Lane, I beheld  the most unique graffiti that I had ever seen up until that particular point. What I saw briefly mid-turn on one of the pillars of North Central Expressway, was a goat-man in a yellow jacket playing an accordion.

I shook my head in disbelief and, after  making a u-turn, parked my car and got out for a better look, and on closer inspection discovered that the unique art piece was not a goat, but some kind of figure with a ram’s head, a man’s torso and arms, and a horses hind-end. I also discovered that the artwork was not in fact true painted graffiti, but was rather a giant print or cut-out that had been shellacked to the pillar of  North Central Expressway—basically a giant sticker.

I have asked locals if they have ever seen the creature or know the artist and have come up short. I searched for mythological creatures, and have determined that the Forest Lane sheep-man is neither true centaur nor satyr. He is a creature without a name or an identity, and while he most often goes un-noticed, he brightens the day for those of us who see him.

Have you ever noticed the sheep-man? If you have, or if you know anything about how long this sticker has been on the expressway, where it came from, what it is, or who put it there, shoot me a comment.