Tyler Terrell was an Advocate/LH Sports Blog intern even before the RISD made it official this spring. He kept readers up to date on the latest happenings in boys basketball and baseball, and was an eyewitness to Isaac Grieder’s wrestling state championship. He also did a popular Q&A with LH athletes called Tyler Talk, and now the tables have been turned on him:

Q: Where are you headed to college? What are you going to study, etc.?

A: I will attend the University of Texas and will study either journalism or public relations in the College of Communication.

Q: What was your favorite part about interning for the Advocate?

Tyler Terrell

A: My favorite part of the internship was just getting to know the LH athletes and watching them play their sport each week.

Q: Did you learn anything?

A: I learned alot about what goes into covering a game and how to successfully do it. It was good to learn everything through hands-on experiences.

Q: What was your favorite LH sports moment of 2009-10?

A: It would have to be how well we played in the last basketball playoff game against Lakeview Centennial. They were one of the top ranked teams in the state and we came back and only lost by a point or two. I also really enjoyed the baseball playoff series.

Q: Do you see yourself moving back to Lake Highlands some day?

A: I will definitely move back to Lake Highlands in the future. I love it here.

Third-grader Tyler Terrell works in the Cotton Bowl pressbox alongside the Advocate’s Keith Whitmire, who was then with the Dallas Morning News, in a shot from 2001. Terrell had won a Morning News contest to cover a Dallas Burn game with a “real” reporter.