If you see Lake Highlands resident Dan Beebe at Mi Cocina or Mariano’s Hacienda in the next few weeks, be kind and send over a bowl of queso…or maybe something stronger.

You see, Dan isn’t just the father of Lake Highlands football player Patrick Beebe. He’s also the commissioner of the Big 12.

Dan Beebe

If you’ve been paying attention to the sports headlines lately, the Big 12 is under fire. First the Big Ten targeted certain Big 12 schools for expansion, now the Pac-10 is reportedly going to offer invitations to six Big 12 teams (Texas, A&M, Tech, OU, OSU and Colorado).

Some experts are saying that the Big 12’s days are numbered. Beebe has remained positive, and if anyone can keep the thing together, it’s him. He’s a sharp guy, in addition to being a Lake Highlander.

So if you see him around the neighborhood, try not to pester him about Big 12 doings. On the other hand, feel free to wear him out about Wildcat football. He’d probably appreciate talking about something other than the politics of college sports for a while.