Lake Highlands resident Amy Adams, whose family owns the White Rock North School, spends her summers teaching kids to swim. This summer, she hopes to help young people who can’t afford swimming lessons by offering low cost or no cost lessons.

“More than 2,000 children drown each year and I want to do what I can to create options for change, here in Lake Highlands,” she says. About 10 years ago, Adams had to resuscitate a 4-year-old boy who drowned at the White Rock Yacht Club. She says that experience fuels her desire to teach the classes.

“That was a life-altering event for me and now I’m in a position to possibly do a small part to keep that from happening to another child.”

Adams, who has taught swimming for 26 years, hopes Lake Highlanders will spread the word about the opportunity for kids who need to learn to swim but can’t afford it.

She teaches at her home swimming pool and is also willing to give lessons outside the home. She is working with owners of the Castle Rock apartment community, for example, to provide lessons to children of tenants. To learn more about Adams and her experiences teaching Lake Highlands kids to swim, visit her SwimwithAmyAdams blog or give her a call at 214.317.7252.