If Burger Spot has a flaw, it’s lack of seating. Since it opened last November, it has attracted droves of carnivorous White Rock area dwellers with its tasty burgers, salty fries and those addictive fried jalapeños (those and the black bean burgers have us hooked). But it’s not just the comfortingly familiar foods that make people feel at home here — the ambience (namely, a mural that covers the south wall nearly in its entirety) seals the deal. East Dallas-based artist Casey Parrot, brother to owner John Harris’s daughter-in-law, painted the piece, which “moves” from morning to evening in scenes that include downtown Dallas, Flag Pole Hill and a high school football stadium, to name a few. “I took some photos of the sites and started with sketches, and then it just sort of evolved and became my own,” he says. Harris made a few suggestions concerning what to include in the mural, but Parrot has a good feel for the subject matter. He spent a week at the illustrated Wildcat-Ram football stadium during the Dallas Cup soccer tournament when he was young. “I also spent an afternoon at Flag Pole Hill to get a good feel for that before I painted it … and I went to high school (at the arts magnet) in downtown Dallas, so I know that area well, too.”