Who’d have ever thought an LHHS baseball game could draw the crowd away from Wildcat Stadium in the middle of the annual Red White game? That’s what happened Saturday as football fans began getting calls and texts about the score of the baseball game and felt a pull to see the Cats defeat Rowlett, district champions in 10 5-A.
Keith provides all the game details below, but you can see my video here.

Seniors RJ Burns, Ryan Browder, Cameron Bodell, Judson Luther, Martin White, Tim Davis and Byron Burns

And when you see the cute boys in this picture, perhaps that’ll explain why the team suddenly has lots of LH girls in their cheering section.
It looks like the Cats will play the next round against Killeen Ellison High School in Killeen at 6 pm Thursday, then play at home at noon on Saturday. The boys have motivation to win in two since prom is Saturday night at the House of Blues. Go Cats!