LHHS senior Alison Bushor wants to be a fashion photographer, but she’s not waiting for someone to come along and make her dream come true – she’s working to make her dream a reality today.

Alison’s photographs are haunting and emotional. Her LH friends are frequently her subjects, and she has many evocative self-portraits, which you can view here. Lately, Alison has been assisting on Neiman Marcus fashion shoots, and she recently handled the retouching on several short films produced by the Dallas fashion giant. The films are shown in Neiman Marcus stores around the nation, and one was featured during last year’s AFI Film Festival before the opening of the movie, “Valentino: The Last Emperor.” Not bad for a girl who won’t graduate from high school for another month. Alison will attend Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall. You can see one of Alison’s films below.

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This week, Alison departs for Europe to work as an intern on a fashion photo and film shoot in Italy and Switzerland. Over ten days, Alison will be part of a team producing books and films to appear on the Neiman Marcus website. “Alison will be surrounded by mentors and creative inspiration,” said Margo Weathers, Associate Creative Director for Neiman’s. “The experience will go a long way in enhancing her education as no classroom experience would.” Congratulations Alison and best of luck on your European adventure!