Lake Highlands junior Jessica Ritter is competing in the 5A Region II girls golf tournament today and Wednesday at Cottonwood Creek in Waco. Ritter has been a team captain the last two years.

Q: Who is you favorite professional golfer?

A: My favorite male golfer would have to be Justin Leonard. I’ve had the privilege to grow up watching him practice at same golf course [Royal Oaks] and even now use the same instructor. He is a very good golfer and a former Wildcat – he won state for Lake Highlands while he was here. My favorite female golfer is, hands down, Paula Creamer. I bought a pink golf bag because of her. She is an awesome role model and an awesome player.

Q: What is the key to performing well at the Region II tournament?

A: Hitting greens and putting well are going to be my main focuses when I go out to Waco. Cottonwood is traditionally very windy and the scores will be relatively low, so I am hoping that my short game will be in good shape.

Q: What is the best thing about being on the golf team with your sister, Annie?

A: Golfing with Annie is something relatively new. She just joined this spring but she really has picked it up fast. I love every moment I get with her and it is fun to have someone to practice with. We keep trying to get our third sister, Allison, to go out there with us, but she claims to be too busy with Highlandettes.

Q: Which area golf courses are your favorites to play?

A: My favorite course to play in Dallas is Royal Oaks. It’s nice, there are lots of cool people there, and it’s been my home since I started playing. I love going out and playing with my dad and family there. My favorite course besides Royal Oaks would have to be Vaquero in Southlake. It is challenging and a very fun experience.

Q: During the season, do you practice more at the driving range or by actually playing the course?

A: I try and alternate what I practice. Typically four days a week, I like to hit balls for an hour and then work on my short game for an hour-and-a-half after that. I try and play at least two to three times during the week, also. Playing is just as much a part of practicing as hitting balls on the range, and short game is key.

Q: Which part of your golf game do you feel is the strongest?

A: As a female golfer, I like to think that my distance plays to my advantage. I can hit the ball farther than a lot of girls, which helps when it comes to hitting greens. I really want to work on my short game, though, because if any golfer can make that their strong point, they will be successful.