What happens in Vegas stays there. But everyone wants to talk about what happened at Vegas Venture casino night last weekend. (The aftermath sort-a lacks the regret following a Vegas weekend, ya know?) Saturday’s event was a resounding success attended by more than 250, according to president Rhonda Russell.

“I was told over and over again by our guests what a wonderful time they had,” Russell notes.

Exchange Club member Evan Luck led a team of volunteers that “put the pieces together”, Russell says: Josh and Shannon Stapp and Karen Brown kept track of donations; Brian Trowbridge helped Luck organize volunteers; Debbie Gray’s decorations helped turn the party into a virtual Vegas casino; Steve White produced video and promoted the event; Bob Johnson (a.k.a. the voice of Lake Highlands) auctioned in $15,000 worth of donations; Jon Alspaw operated the incredibly popular Bingo area; Ryan Rommell helped steer the crowd with his voice; Jack Norman, last year’s chair, lent his experience and guidance; and Don and Patsy Lee brought in $10, 380 donations that will go toward scholarships for LHHS students. The final tally is forthcoming.

Russell adds that Luck’s wife Kelly and parents Eric and Cheri were great sports who worked day and night to help out.

“Watching this family come together to help not only Evan but to help us succeed was heartwarming. I am not sure words can express how much we appreciate this very special family.”