Construction appears to be running smoothly on the new White Rock Coffee Express at the Hillside Village Shopping Center at Mockingbird and Abrams. Initially, owners told us the shop would open in April.

They are running just a wee-bit behind schedule, which isn’t anything unusual for these types of projects condiering all the necessary preparations. “We are working fast and furious to get the newest White Rock Coffee location up and running,” owner Nancy Baker just told us. “The outside of the building made dramatic improvements over the last week and we are really pleased the way it is progressing; however, the inside is far from finished. There is a lot to do to get it ready to serve great coffee with finish out, placing equipment, waiting on inspections, training staff, etc.”

Fingers crossed that it will still open before month’s end. See the video of the up-and-coming drive-thru coffee shop after the jump, and stay logged-on to Back Talk for news about other restaurants opening soon in the Hillside Village Shopping Center.