When the Wildcats face Molina tonight in a home game, they’ll have their favorite teachers there for support. All LHHS teachers are invited, and they’ll be recognized throughout the game. On the mound to throw out the first pitch will be David Wood, legendary Senior English teacher. The boys are anxious to see if Mr. Wood can do as well as Tracey Bishkin, who threw a perfect pitch earlier in the season. They’ll let him know, I have a feeling, if he does not.

Also on hand to cheer will be the Bell Boys, including the Advocate’s own sports writer and intern, Tyler Terrell. Perhaps he’ll ring the bell with one hand and make notes on the game with the other.

The team has new community t-shirts available for $10 each at the concession stand, along with parent-cooked hot dogs and other ballpark fare. In this photo, Bell Boys Tyler Terrell, Brent Bono, Ben Toler and Will Pittman pose with David Wood and young fans Ben Mason & Stephen Matthews.