A few years ago (before I worked for Advocate) I wrote about Healing Hands Ministries, a small medical clinic in Lake Highlands that had one volunteer doctor and was open five or six days a month to a limited number of low-income families who didn’t have medical insurance.

I interviewed the doctor, who filled me in on the myriad health issues facing much of our community. I remember thinking it sounded like an unthinkably big job for just a few people to tackle, but the director, Janna Gardner, was so optimistic and faith driven that I couldn’t help but believe her.

Today I received a newsletter from Healing Hands—which now includes a dental clinic—noting it’s third birthday along with some recent milestones. For example, The Dallas Foundation a few nights ago gave Healing Hands $25,000 for expansion of its medical and dental services.

Notes board president Mark Wingfield, “This grant signals more than just money to fund our work … Healing Hands made it through a rigorous process of competitive selection and found ourselves in the company of some of the oldest and most well-established charities in our community (such as) Central Dallas Ministries, Buckner Children and Family Services, March of Dimes and United Way, for example.”

And, a few weeks earlier, HH received a $35,000 grant from the Chi Omega Christmas Market.

These days, the clinic is open five days a week and serves more than 1500 patients. The annual budget has grown from $100,000 in the first year to $500,000.

“That income derives from individual contributions, support from churches, grants and support from the Dallas County Medical Society through a new program called Project Access,” according to Wingfield. "’Miracle’ is still the word that comes to mind nearly every time we describe what’s happening at the clinic. From the vision of one woman more than five years ago, God has raised up an army of volunteers who are bringing healing and hope to the uninsured of North Dallas.”

Looks as if the founders were thankfully right-on in believing this thing could work. 

Healing Hands has a recently refurbished web site with much more info.