A group of soldiers that last Christmas season received gifts from Exchange Club and Lake Highlands community members recently sent EC president Rhonda Russell a certificate of thanks containing the following message:

For your outstanding support to the Stryke First Battalion —Your generosity during the holiday season greatly improved morale among our Soldiers. Your selfless service and patriotism is in keeping with the highest traditions of our nation and reflect great credit upon your organization.

It’s signed by Command Sergeant Major Carlos E. Esmurria and LTC. Dennis C. Smith.

Russell, who founded Military Moms following her son’s deployment, says it’s important that the community understands how much their support means to the service men and women.

“For this brigade to send this certificate, our care packages had to have touched their hearts deeply in the desert of Afghanistan so far away from home. Remember the impact we are making in the lives of so many, whether here or across the world. The spirit of Lake Highlands is being felt far and wide because of all of you.”