Other than the continuing addition of comments to our posts on Red Cat Consignment and the saga of the store’s closing, the owners’ non-bankruptcy filing and various supposed sitings around town, there hasn’t been a whole lot to report the past few weeks. (To get up-to-date, click here and here to read the posts we published on Back Talk.)

There was a weekend meeting of "victims" a few weeks ago, but other than an exchange of information and a visit by a television reporter, the meeting generated no revelations. That might change tonight, when Fox4 News plans to air a story about the controversy on its 9 p.m. news show. Reporter Steve Noviello, the station’s "on your side consumer reporter", sent an email to a few neighborhood residents letting them know about the story.

The way stories by TV "consumer reporters" usually are framed, in terms of tracking down heretofore missing storekeepers, could make this one worth watching. And after you’ve seen the show, feel free to report back here about what you saw.