Over the summer, four guys from Dallas traveled around the world asking questions of themselves and others, trying to figure out for themselves what faith is all about and who (and if) God really is. They filmed their experiences – everything from mundane moments on a European train to hilarious ones getting into fixes that only twenty-something boys can find. The result is a full-length feature film called “Beware of Christians,” and the trailer is viewable below. You can also visit their website here.

One of the guys, Texas A&M senior Michael Allen, went to First Baptist Academy and grew up in Lakewood. “I was definitely a church kid, in that I called myself a Christian, went to church, prayed, all that stuff, but I don’t think I experienced or was really exposed much to radical faith until college,” Michael told me. “I appreciate my upbringing, and it’s definitely shaped my worldview, but I also feel that I have a personal worldview that stands alone from of my parents’ or my neighborhood’s beliefs. Basically, I’ve tried to learn to think for myself about things, and in college I really started to rethink what being a Christian really meant.”

Michael hopes folks from Lakewood, greater Dallas and all over the world will view “Beware of Christians” and give it some thought. “Don’t expect a typical Christian film,” he says. “Though we feel the movie has a very hopeful message of redemption and renewal, it’s also about four guys who are struggling through some tough topics and convictions. The odds are you won’t exactly like or agree with everything you hear, but I don’t think you have to agree with everything we say to get something out of the film. We invite you to come out and struggle with us as we ask ourselves, and God, some tough questions about what living a Jesus-style (Jesus-lifestyle) really looks like, independent of American middle-class standards, traditions, and expectations.”

“Beware of Christians” can be seen in its entirety at screenings on April 2 & 3 at 7 pm at Lakewood Theater. The guys are hoping, in the meantime, that folks will visit their website and that more hits will lead to more screenings around the country.