Brent Bono is one of the most active students at Lake Highlands. Bono, a senior, is in his fourth year on the LH wrestling team. When he is not wrestling, Brent is busy as a member of the Bell Boys and is on the LH country and western dance team, the Wranglers. Balancing his time between these activities can get tough, but Bono does it well and finds time to fit in his schoolwork.
Q: Is it difficult to manage your time, being in Bell Boys, Wranglers, and wrestling? 
A: It is obviously a little challenging, but it is definitely nothing I can’t handle.
Q: What is the best aspect of being involved in so many activities?
A: It’d probably have to be the fun and recognition that each of them provide. It’s cool to know that you have some talents that not everybody else has.
Q: What are your plans for college?
A: I will be majoring in Biomedical Engineering at either the University of Texas or the University of Arkansas. 

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: I like a lot of movies, but I think that I’m going to have to say "Super Troopers."
Q: What is your favorite subject at LHHS?
A: Besides lunch, Anatomy. We dissect stuff. It’s pretty sweet.
Q: Would you advise future high schoolers to take on so many extracurricular activities as you have?
A: Absolutely. Get involved in as much stuff as you can or are willing to take on. It will be awesome, plus it will look gnarly on your resume.
Q: Out of Bell Boys, Wranglers, and wrestling, which of your activities takes up the most time?
A: Definitely wrestling. We have duals on Tuesdays and tournaments every weekend. If it’s not a two-day tournament, we leave school at 6 a.m. and usually get back home from the tournament around 7 p.m.