“Lighting Master Plan Implementation” is listed number seven on the Dallas Parks/ White Rock Lake Conservancy list of priorities. The estimated cost is $1.8 million. So far there is $400,000 allocated for the project, which will cover the first phase. The lighting of specific areas at the lake will happen in four phases, beginning with limited lighting near the spillway. Limited lighting on the trail along the west side of the lake from the Old Fish Hatchery to Jackson Point is in phase 1B of the plan with the caveat that this lighting will only be added if adjacent Veloway outside of park has lighting. In other words, phase 1B is not yet a sure thing. You can read more about the history of the lighting master plan, which was the subject of much contention, here. And see a current map of the master lighting plan — which outlines the other three phases — on our Facebook page (while you’re there, please become our fan!).

Overview of "Big Changes at White Rock Lake" with video.