The White Rock Lake Dog Park is number six on the Parks Board/ White Rock Lake Conservancy project list. (I know I skipped number five, but I will return to that once I gather a few more tidbits of information). This is a good one, though — one all of us dog lovers can appreciate.

Our dog park was built on a shoestring budget. We love it, but it’s far from user friendly, especially when we have rainy days. Have you heard about the awesome Wagging Tail dog park that opened in Far North Dallas Last weekend? The White Rock Dog Park will be very comparable someday, if all goes as planned, Park officials say.

“White Rock Dog Park needs a lot of work,” says Parks representative Willis Winters. “We need to expand the paddocks, add new parking, add more amenities, shade and irrigation, and open the park up to the shoreline, and to clean up that shoreline, and make it more of a visual commodity as well.” Sounds great — I can’t wait. All we need is $2 million to get it done. The good news is that $800,000 bond money has been allocated for this project. $1.2 million more is needed.