If you remember back a few years, there were some neighbors who were convinced that allowing C.C. Young to build a mid-rise retirement complex building on its Mockingbird & Lawther complex overlooking White Rock Lake was the beginning of the end for tranquility around the lake. Several neighborhood organIzations vowed to go the mat to prevent the building’s construction, which was finally approved by the city after C.C. Young reduced the height of the proposed building to six stories. Then the economy tanked, preventing the building from getting started until next month, when the 108-apartment-unit building begins construction.

To take a look at the basic plans, click here. I’ve been on the site where the Overlook will be built (in fact, my mother-in-law is making plans to move in when it’s done in late 2011), and I can’t see that the building is going to be anything but a great addition to the neighborhood. It sits back on the C.C. Young property, which is on the north side of Mockingbird — not exactly on the shoreline. And from what I can recall from seeing the plans, the first two floors really won’t have much of a lake view. But the upper floors should have a great vista of White Rock and perhaps even Downtown’s skyline.