Remember how good Tyler John Tyler looked when Lake Highlands lost to them in the playoffs? John Tyler looked like a shoo-in for the state semifinals, if not the whole enchilada.

But did you happen to see the John Tyler score last week? Klein 31, Cujo 7. Ouch.

From the report in the Tyler paper, it sounds like the typical culprits did in John Tyler: turnovers and not being able to get the ball back. You can’t win if you don’t have the ball.

A lot of D-FW area powers are sitting on the sidelines in what’s been a down year for the area, playoff-wise. Of the eight teams in Class 5A state semifinals (Div. I and II) only one is from North Texas: Euless Trinity.

In recent years, Dallas-area teams have dominated the 5A playoffs. Since 2004, a D-FW team has won one or both of the 5A titles. You have to go back to 2000 to find a year D-FW didn’t have a team in either 5A state final.

Has the rest of the state caught up to D-FW area football? Or is this just a fluke year?