When the Wildcats took the field in the first playoff game last Friday, you may have missed a big moment. Quietly on the sidelines, Ricky Zorn, Jason Dann, and the other football captains greeted Will Morgan and presented him with a signed football. Will is a sixth grader at Merriman Park battling bone cancer. Our Keith Whitmire noted this generosity earlier in the week.

When it was time for the coin toss, Will walked to the referees on his crutches as an Honorary Captain, smiling from ear to ear as you can see in this photo from family friend Keith Beasley. Later he hung with the Bell Boys on the sidelines, watching the game and cheering the Cats. And, in a Small World connection, his grandparents attended the game with longtime friends Eddie and Gail Huffman, grandparents of Ricky Zorn and his varsity cheerleader twin sister, Ashley.

The team had helmet stickers printed with their new motto, “Will to Win,” and Will to Win t-shirts, designed by Keith, are available at this website. Will’s mom, Renee Long, who works at Forest Meadow Junior High, says Will is undergoing his third chemo this week. “We appreciate the prayers and support of the LH community,” she told me, “and we believe in the power of prayer.”

“He’s a brave kid,” said Ricky. “The whole team admires him. He’s our hero.”