My primary Chinese takeout spot for the last 15 years or so, up until I moved closer to 635 about five months ago, was Egg Roll Fortune on Northwest Highway. When I lived in Lochwood as a teenager, my parents frequently grabbed dinner there. When I was pregnant with my daughter (now 12) I picked up food there about once a week—I remember the owner saying, pointing to my big belly, “Your baby like Chinese food!” My baby liked it. I liked it. My whole family liked it—Egg Roll Fortune had the biggest portions of the freshest veggies, plumpest shrimp and sweetest Sesame chicken, all with a fat steamed cabbage-filled egg roll, which came with the meal. Oh, and the workers always gave my children big handfuls of fortune cookies. But about a year and a half ago that owner left, and new ones took over. They were just as friendly and also dished out the fortune cookies, but gradually, things started to change and over the last year, prices have gone up, the Sesame Chicken plate has changed distinctly, and the egg rolls no longer show up in the to-go bag, and when I do remember to order them, they are just not the same.

Egg Roll Fortune is still a dependable place, don’t get me wrong, but my move north, coupled with said changes, have had me looking for something new. I found a decent selection of Chinese staples such as Broccoli Shrimp and Sweet n’ Sour Chicken at Thai2Go on Forest Lane (the sweet fried stuff is important not to me, but to the aforementioned 12-year-old and her brother). There is Wok China, a slightly intimidating (dark, small with chipping paint at a high-crime intersection) drive-through at Forest and Audelia. It is very bare bones, small portions, cheap, but the food is pretty good—and it’s cash only. My favorite new spot in Lake Highlands, I think, is Skillman Wok, near 635 and Skillman. No, it’s not even close to new, but it is new to me. Their egg rolls have some sort of gingery fruity sweetness to them that is completely addictive, plus, they deliver to a large part of Lake Highlands and East Dallas.

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