Mitch Marzuola is a junior captain and defensive lineman for the Wildcats. He also keeps busy by performing with the Lake Highlands country and western dance group, the Wranglers. As a former wrestler, Mitch has had the unique oppurtunity of being led by two of Lake Highlands’ best coaches, Scott Smith and Pete Grieder.
Q: I bet you had a crazy weekend with the football game, performing as a Wrangler in Varsity Revue, and attending the Homecoming dance. How did you manage to fit it all in?
A: Well, I had to miss some film with the football team on Thursday to be with the Wranglers. I had to manage all of my free time that week to make sure I was able to fit everything in. It was a tiring week, but it was worth it.
Q: I know that you used to be in wrestling, how are Coach Smith and Coach Grieder similar to one another?
A: They are both good people and good coaches. They are different because Coach Grieder never yells, and Coach Smith is just the opposite. Coach Smith is much more "in your face" than Coach Grieder.
Q: What is your favorite television show?
A: The new show, Flash Forward, on ABC. It is very cool and has an interesting storyline.

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Q: Which professional sports team is your favorite to watch?
A: Definitely the Dallas Cowboys. Especially after [Sunday’s] dominating win over the Falcons.
Q: Which would you say is more challenging to learn: the football plays or the Wrangler dance moves?
A: For me, it is much harder to learn the Wrangler moves. The football plays come more naturally for me and it takes a little while to pick up on the dance routines.
Q: What is the best concert that you have ever been to?
A: I recently went to the Coldplay concert at the Center. That was definitely my favorite.
Q: What are your responsibilities being one of the captains of the football team?
A: Well the juniors don’t have as much responsibility as the senior captains. We are expected to lead by example, clean up after practice, and help out with laundry duty each week. We weren’t able to go to the Berkner victory lunch with the senior captains from both teams, which would have been fun. We mainly help out with making decisions about team members and help the team any way we can.