Every week, our live blogging of Lake Highlands football games takes on a personality of its own, thanks to the readers who contribute their comments in between the plays. Last week’s live blog from the Sunset game was especially entertaining.

I don’t always have time to address the comments, in between watching the game, recording the stats and posting the blogs. So I thought I would address a couple of thought-provoking issues that came up during the game last week.

First, commenter "Greg" included Southlake Carroll along with Allen as former LH opponents with more than 4,000 students. This is a common misconception about Southlake Carroll. While the Dragons have great participation numbers, their enrollment according to the last UIL realignment was 2,544.5 students (don’t worry about the .5 – it’s a formula). That’s not much bigger than the 2,331 number the UIL derived for Lake Highlands. Carroll has a lot of advantages, but size isn’t one of them.

Now for commenter "SHB" who thinks LH should drop down to Class 4A:

SHB’s contention is that by dropping down to 4A, LH could be in a district with Highland Park and Pearce that would be "more competitive" and "geographically tighter."

That’s an interesting notion. It will never happen unless LH has a dramatic drop in enrollment. But the Wildcats went three rounds deep in the 5A playoffs last year, so I don’t think LH is being hurt by being aligned with the struggling DISD teams in 5A. 

It would certainly be entertaining to play Pearce and Highland Park every year. I believe one or both of those two should be on LH’s non-district schedule every year, since they are natural rivals. 

However, there are struggling teams at the bottom of every district. Maybe not 68-0 bad, but still not much of a challenge for the better teams in the area. If LH were a 4A team, there’s a good chance it would be aligned with 4A DISD programs that are struggling just as much as Sunset and Molina. 

And if LH were to avoid the DISD and be aligned with HP and Pearce, you’re talking about the possibility of sharing a district with Greenville, Royse City and Rockwall. So much for being "geographically tighter."

So yes, it would be fun to play HP and Pearce – especially now that Pearce is competitive again – but LH will probably stay in 5A as long as its feasible.  There’s always a chance the next UIL realignment could put LH in with the Garland or Mesquite schools, which would increase compeition and keep travel to a minimum.

Or worse, LH could be thrown back in with the mega-sized Plano and Allen schools – or be forced to share a district with the few remaining 5A schools in East Texas, which is the Mesquite ISD’s current travel challenge.