When LH mom Laurie Claybrook called me about the car that hit and killed the ducks living hear her home, she was too upset to speak. She and her neighbors enjoy feeding and watching the ducks that live in the park on Timberleaf near Forest Springs in LH, so they were horrified to find multiple dead ducks in the street. (Laurie sent me photos but they were too graphic and bloody to share here.)

Laurie didn’t see the car and she’s not sure if the cruelty was intentional, but the ducks would have been easy to spot as they traveled together in a big group during the daylight. The neighborhood’s message is emphatic – slow down! The victim animals could have been a family pet or, heaven forbid, a child playing at the park. Whether someone’s idea of a cruel joke or the unintended consequence of speed or inattention, the neighbors are hoping the remaining ducks lead a long and peaceful life at the park.