If your little girl dreams of being a ‘Dette and dancing under Friday Night Lights, she can join other girls in kindergarten through eighth grade for Tuesday’s dance clinic from 1-5 pm at Lake Highlands High School. The girls will learn routines and receive hands-on instruction from the Highlandettes, and they’ll perform at the pre-game show this Friday, October 9th at the Berkner game. That’s the big White Out game (everyone wears white), expected to be an exciting contest and pert-near a sell-out.

Girls should wear t-shirts & shorts or dance clothing with tennis shoes or dance shoes and will receive an official Dancing with the Dettes t-shirt to wear at the big game. Come a few minutes early to register and pay your $50 fee per dancer. You can get more information on the Highlandette website or by contacting Lisa Jeske, mom of Dette senior, Nicole. And don’t forget to come early to watch the little dancers. Is there anything cuter than peewee cherubs waving to mom in the stands and following the older girls adoringly?!? Bring your cowbells.