Call this part of the empire Advocate Media. We’re producing video programs, which we’re posting to the blog and storing on the Web site so you can watch them later. And Lake Highlands is at the forefont.

Our first show is The Wildcat Sports Report, a more or less live webcast featuring Lake Highlands high school football. We do it live every Wednesday night at Picasso’s — everyone is more than welcome to stop by.

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But we have plans to do other programs for the other neighborhoods where we publish magazines, including, perhaps, neighborhood-oriented talk shows. The technology, which is a whole lot cheaper and easier than it was just five years ago, has made it possible for smaller companies like us to do quality work – both technically and editorially.

This is all part of our plan to give our readers and Web site and blog visitors as much “hyper-local” content as possible. Plus, it has actually been kind of fun to do.