My Blue Line/Green Line ride to the State Fair on Sunday was easier than driving, and I don’t have all that far to drive. For someone coming in from parts of Preston Hollow and Lake Highlands, and certainly from Far North Dallas and Collin County, DART should be the transport of choice. The trains were on time, everything was well marked, and there were plenty of DART employees on-hand to answer questions.

Switching trains at Pearl Street, which seems confusing in the DART literature, is nothing more than walking to the other side of the platform and waiting for the Green train. It took about 20 minutes from White Rock station to the Fair, and about 45 minutes on the way back because I had to wait for a Blue train at Pearl.

The most interesting part? When I left the Fair at 5:45 p.m., I was probably the oldest person on the train, and the crowd was overwhelmingly Anglo. They were kids and young adults and parents with families, and they all looked like they were going home to Plano. And one caveat: This was on a Sunday, without any commuters. I’m at the Fair again on Tuesday, and I’ll be leaving at 5:45 again, which will be the middle of rush hour. Will DART be able to handle the extra traffic?