Got a chance to see Berkner in its season opener Friday night against South Grand Prairie and the Rams looked like a more complete team than a year ago.

Of course, South Grand Prairie didn’t put up much of a fight. As gifted as SGP is athletically, the Warriors struggled much of the night to play with much cohesion.

Berkner started senior Lawrence Williams at quarterback, and Williams looks about the same as he has since he started as a sophomore. He likes to call his own number on the option a lot. Backup Aric Stock played early and showed a lot of potential operating the option with deceptive moves and downfield pitches to trailing backs.

Typically, Berkner completed just one pass but it went for 41 yards. Kicker Zach Olen showed his usual strong leg, but Berkner’s secondary never really got tested because neither of South Grand Prairie’s quarterbacks could get in synch until the game was out of reach.

In short, it looks like Berkner will be an improved ballclub in 2009. The path to the playoffs won’t be easy.