Lake Highlands Exchange Club member Darrell Hurmis  (one of the author’s of "The Book", if memory serves) will sponsor a golf tournament at 1 p.m. September 3 at the Prestonwood Country Club. Every year Hurmis sponsors this “Boss Hogg Classic”, which benefits Dallas’ Mike Modano Foundation and Heroes Foundation. Depending on the level of participation, some of the proceeds will also go to the Exchange Club, he says.  “It’s a 3-club only tournament based on individual play and handicap (up to 18),” he says. I am not 100% sure what that means, but you golfers know, and that’s what is important. The $250 entry fee includes a $100 gift certificate to Al Biernat’s restaurant. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m. the day of the tournament, or call Hurmis at 972-419-4077 to register (make your own foursome or they will put you on a team).

They don’t say why it’s named for Boss Hogg — but it’s funny.